Sunday, January 16, 2005


Sunday na naman. Ilang beses nako nagpaplano ng weekend ko, pero lagi na lang paglinggo na parang nauubusan nako ng oras. Parang walang ako nagawa...*sigh*

+ + +

Watched the soft launch of CAQTU & Vanillafish last night. As usual, it started late (these are FA people, so it's no surprise) and well, the actual event went by so fast. Went there with Jason, Mitzy and Mary around 830, and we actually came in early. (the thing was supposed to start at 8) Oh well. Met the peeps (Kabbie, KItty, LA, Michael, Roo, Pika and the rest) and we basically hung out and check the clothing. Interesting... :-)

Hmmm. Too bad i didn't bring a cam. But then again, everybody else had one, so maybe i can ask someone to just send me a copy via email. hahha.

+ + +

I think Dads are officially overrated. My dad officially sucks. (a bit of a rant there)

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